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Metaverse Viewing


Saturday, December 2022, 12 - Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Limited release on VRChat!

yorunoyo's fantastic world reconstructed on the Metaverse.
Artist idom's performance recorded with volumetric technology
You can experience the immersive feeling unique to the VR space.
*Also available on YouTube
You can also view the experience on your smartphone or tablet

Metaverse Viewing

Yorunoyo is held under the theme of “GROW”.

This time, we are creating various new communication on digital
With VRChat as a platform,
We will be collaborating with the talented young artist idom.

Real performance of idom,
By recording idom in 3D at the volumetric capture studio and transferring it to the virtual space,
It is an attempt to explore new relationships and new experiences between music and digital that have never existed before.

An entrance that connects to a special space-time that is common in both the physical and metaverse worlds,
"Portal" by Yorunoyo.
Beyond that, a mysterious creature is walking around collecting "sounds".
idom exists as a symbol of hope, and the message he sings is expressed as "light".

What we are watching is "GROW (yorunoyo)"

What you hear is "GLOW (idom)"

"Real" in the Metaverse space created from overflowing energy,
Feel it from idom's "GLOW" on VRChat.

on YouTube
Click here to view

and House

Born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. Lives in Okayama Prefecture. Born March 1998, 3.
When I was in college, I majored in design and was planning to get a job at a designer office in Italy from April 2020.However, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, he gave up on going to Italy.
After experiencing such a frustration and self-restraint from Corona, I took on the first challenge of making music, which I had been interested in for a long time.He is truly a new-generation multi-creator who not only produces music, vocals, and raps, but also produces videos and illustrations.
Their extremely high degree of perfection and creative sense have already attracted a lot of attention, and within a year of starting their music career, "Awake" and "Moment" were used as CM songs for Sony Xperia, and "Freedom" was used as the CM song for TikTok. is appointed to
The momentum continued, and "GLOW" was selected as the theme song for Fuji TV's July 7th drama "Koisei no Bannin", making their major debut in September.

idom Official Website:

Volumetric capture technology

Volumetric capture technology is a technology that converts real people and places captured by more than 3 cameras surrounding the studio into 3D digital data and reproduces them as XNUMXD images viewed from any direction with high image quality.
With this technology, you can create a completely new entertainment experience by capturing the performances of real artists in high definition and fusing them with high-definition CG.


December 2022, 12 24:10 - January 2023, 1 3:24
Artist: idom
Volumetric Capture: Sony Group Inc.
Produced by: Sony PCL Inc.
World Production/World Production Production: tanitta Gugenka®
XR Producer: Masashi Mikami
Technical Director: Kiral Poon
Volumetric Production: Eito Ishida
3DCG Production: Yui Danke
Engineer/Video Camera Work: Mamoru Hikosaka
Promotion: Miki Kawasaki Harumi Itakura
Production manager: Takeshi Inoue
Creative Advisor: David Watts (Junichi Takekawa, Tetsuya Iwaguchi)