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Butterfly season
~ Yorunoyo

Butterfly season ~ Yorunoyo

This work is a video experience of flowers of the four seasons while being invited by butterflies.From a viewpoint that floats like a butterfly, the viewer will sometimes be enveloped in the colors of the interwoven flowers, and at other times be blessed with the sprouts of life, and be drawn into the space in full bloom.

On the other hand, the images in this work, which provide a fantastical experience, are actually unprocessed and real, and many of the flowers are filmed in everyday life.
While butterflies are symbols that connect dreams and reality, they are also symbols of diverse future possibilities, as the word "butterfly effect" suggests.
This also comes from the recognition that butterflies are creatures that are susceptible to environmental influences.The relationship between people and the world under turbulent social conditions sometimes overlaps with the transience of butterflies.

The video of this work was created while the artist himself was at the mercy of the world, looking at the universal beauty of the world and the future beyond it.

Mika Ninagawa
[Mika Ninagawa]

Photographer, film director

Focusing on photography, he also works on movies, videos, and spatial installations.
Received the Kimura Ihei Photo Award and many other awards. Published a photo book from Rizzoli NY in 2010.
Directed 2012 feature films, including "Helter Skelter" (2019) and "Diner" (5), as well as the Netflix original drama "FOLLOWERS".
"Flower, blinking light" in the latest photo collection.

Major solo exhibitions

“Mika Ninagawa Exhibition” Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei, 2016)
"Mika Ninagawa Exhibition: Between Fiction and Reality" 2018-2021 (touring museums in Japan)
"Mika Ninagawa: Garden of Twinkling Lights" Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum 2022

Comment from Producer Hiroaki Miyata

In the projection on the ground surface of the festival square in Yamashita Park, images of various time axes are passed along like a bridge across the square.By passing the images with a time difference, the four seasons are always projected on the same time axis in the plaza.

People walking around the square can feel various times and flowers along with butterflies.From a slightly bird's-eye view of nearby buildings, you can feel the four seasons and see the flow.It is up to the viewer to decide whether to stay in the same season or to go back in time or move forward quickly.

How do the people who return from the butterfly dream not only drift between reality and fiction, but also walk beyond that?It is also an important experience of viewing works to get close to the diverse possibilities of the future that are open to people and connect the image of the future.

Technology that supports Yorunoyo

We use two LiDARs equipped with SPAD ToF distance sensors developed by Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a leading company in image sensors.
LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a system that enables the detection and ranging of objects using light, and is a technology developed mainly for the realization of autonomous driving.

Even in a dark environment, it is capable of capturing long-distance objects at high speed and with high precision, enabling real-time sensing over a wide area of ​​over 2500 square meters inside the festival plaza.This enables the acquisition of accurate positional information on pedestrians, contributing to the realization of a video experience that makes it feel as if a butterfly is flying with the pedestrian.

Butterfly season
~ Yorunoyo

Date: December 2022, 12 (Thursday) to January 1, 2023 (Tuesday) 1:3-17:21
Location: Yamashita Park (Festival Square)

Artist: EiM starring Mika Ninagawa
Produced by Hiroaki Miyata (EiM)
Sound: Takashi Uchizawa (androp)
Planning: Isao Kuwana (HAKUTEN/EiM)

Creative Director: Junichi Takekawa (David Watts inc.)
Content & Interactive Art Engineering: RICH&MIYU
Sensing LiDAR : Sony Semiconductor Solutions
Yorunoyo Music: Minori Nagashima
Audio system: Dream
Production: Prism
Operation: Prism