All events have ended.
Everyone who came during the period,
Thank you very much.


On December 12st, at Shinko Central Square,
New Year's Eve countdown production!

On December 12st, "NIGHT WALKING" will be extended to 31:0 at Shinko Central Plaza, and a countdown will be performed before 05:0 of "NIGHT VIEWING".

In addition, on December 12st, we will extend the hours of "NIGHT VIEWING", where light and music are dynamic. After the 31:21 performance, 21:30, 22:22, 30:23, 23:30, 0:1, and 14:XNUMX will be added, and "NIGHT VIEWING" will be held XNUMX times a day.Please enjoy Yorunoyo.

* PORTAL, Osanbashi Futo Building, Yamashita Park Festival Square, and some surrounding facilities will be displayed until 21:05.