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Everyone who came during the period,
Thank you very much.


Yorunoyo Planning
(Yokohama Beer)

Yorunoyo A plan to enjoy NIGHT RUN and Yokohama's CRAFT BEER around Minato Mirai's light object PORTAL

Yorunoyo Kikaku "YOKOHAMA NIGHT RUN & BEER" (Yokohama Beer)

Enjoy the night view from the Yokohama Marine Tower observatory at the finish point while visiting the night view of Minato Mirai and the hexagonal light object "PORTAL" on a RUN with the staff of Yokohama Beer. We will carry out a special project where you can enjoy meals and Yokohama beer at mizumachi bar.

Yorunoyo project "YOKOHAMA NIGHT RUN & BEER"
Yorunoyo project "YOKOHAMA NIGHT RUN & BEER"
Event Dates
Wednesday, December 2022, 12 21:18-30:22
(Reception starts at 18:XNUMX)
  • 18:30 Running start from Yokohama beer dining table
    (Yokohama Kannai Estate Building 6F/68F, 1-XNUMX-XNUMX Sumiyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
  • 19:30 Goal at Yokohama Marine Tower.You can enjoy the night view of Yokohama with an admission ticket to the Yokohama Marine Tower Observatory.
  • 20:00 Toast and eat at "mizumachi bar" in Yokohama Marine Tower 
  • 22: 00 ending
Participation fee
3,500 yen (Yokohama Marine Tower observation deck admission ticket, meal and beer included)
Recruitment number
30 people, advance reservation required