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Everyone who came during the period,
Thank you very much.


Yorunoyo + Instagram linked
Holding a photo exhibition
(Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel)

Held a photo exhibition linked to Yorunoyo and Instagram (Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel)

The Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel and Yorunoyo will collaborate to hold a “\Let’s connect with SNS/Photo Contest”.
The recruitment/exhibition period will be divided into three times, and a total of six photographs will be displayed in the hotel lobby.In addition, the selected 3 people will receive a “Yorunoyo Original Sacoche” from the long-established bag brand “Kitamura” in Motomachi, Yokohama.

Yorunoyo Original Sacoche
Yorunoyo Original Sacoche

Also, for those who unfortunately missed the exhibition, there is a chance!"Yorunoyo Original Sacoche" will also be presented to 14 people who participated in this contest by lottery. ️
Visit the mysterious illuminations set up in various places in the Yokohama Bay Area and join us with a special shot taken.

■Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel Official Instagram:

■ Yornoyo Official Instagram:

Admission Information

Application period

First recruitment: November 11th (Thursday) to November 24th (Wednesday)
   Exhibition: December 12th (Monday) to December 5th (Sunday)

Second recruitment: Continuing from the first - December 12 (Sun)
   Exhibition: December 12th (Monday) to December 19th (Sunday)

12rd recruitment: Continuing from the 24nd -December XNUMXth (Sat)
   Exhibition: January 1 (Mon) to January 2 (Tue)

  • The theme of the recruitment is "Yorunoyo". (From November 2022, 11)
  • Follow Yorunoyo @yorunoyo_yokohama and hotel account @yokohamawashingtonhotel
  • Please add the hashtags "#Yornoyo_Washington" and "#Connect Yokohama".
  • Only new posts for Yorunoyo 2022 (this year) (past photos and posts are not allowed)

[Precautions for posting images]

  • Exhibition photos will be printed in A3 size (horizontal or vertical is OK).
    Please prepare a screen ratio of about 2:3. (Please note that it will be cut a little.)
  • Data must be 1600 million pixels or more. (We recommend taking pictures with a camera)
  • The data will be sent by file or by e-mail.


Grand Prize: 2 winners for each period, 6 winners in total

  • Display photos, titles, Instagram account names, and Instagram QR codes in the 5th floor lobby of the hotel
  • Introduced on the hotel Instagram account
  • Yorunoyo original sacoche gift (1 per person)

Judge's Award … 14 people in total

  • Introduced on the hotel Instagram account
  • Yorunoyo original sacoche gift (1 per person)